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Pixel Pitch: P10mm DIP/15.6mm DIP

✔️ IP65 Water Proof

✔️ High Brightness

✔️ Energy Saving With Low Consumption

✔️ Easy Maintenance

✔️ Wide View Angles

✔️ Customizable Cabinet Dimensions As Needed



Buildings, Restaurant, Hotel, Bank, Hospital, Station, Airport, Gym, Stadium, Store, Shop, Plaza, Parking Lot, Park, Pole structure, Column structure, Church etc.


High compatibility

High compatibility for SMD and DIP, customizable enclosure size to meet varying project dimensions from P2.5, P3, P3.33, P4, P5, P6.66, P8 to P10.



Diverse installation options

Catering to a range of settings, and fulfilling a wide array of installation requirements.


Seamless Splicing Cabinet

Our well designed and finished cabinet seamlessly connects individual units without any visible gaps. Its sturdy design keeps the screen smooth and free from distortion.


IP65 Rated Protection

Designed for outdoor use, our LED display is built to withstand all conditions. Thanks to SightLED’s cutting-edge protection technology, it’s rated IP65, ensuring seamless operation in any weather. This high-level protection guarantees durability, reliability, UV resistance, and stability. The strong sealing keeps the LED display cabinet dust, water, and corrosion-proof.


Energy saving solution

 SightLED outdoor fixed installation LED display offers an outstanding visual experience with ultra-low power consumption and minimal heat generation, leading to cost savings.

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Pixel Pitch P2.5mm P3mm P3.33mm P4mm P5mm P6.66mm P8mm P10mm
LED Types Outdoor SMD1415 Outdoor SMD1921 Outdoor SMD1921 Outdoor SMD1921 Outdoor SMD1921 Outdoor SMD2727 Outdoor SMD3535 Outdoor SMD3535
Pixel Density: 160000/ 111111/ 90000/ 62500/ 40000/ 22500/ 15625/ 10000/
Module Size :  (W x H) 320*160mm 192*192mm 320*160mm 320*160mm   (256*128mm) 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm   (256*128mm) 320*160mm
Module Resolution: (Pixels) 128 *64 128 *64 96*48 80*40 (64*32) 64*32 48*24 40*20 (32*16) 32*16
Module Scanning method : 1/16 1/16 1/12 1/10 (1/8 ) 1/8 1/6 1/5  (1/4 ) 1/4
Luminance of White Balance: > 5500cd/ > 5500cd/ > 5500cd/ >6000cd/ > 6000cd/ > 6500cd/ > 6000cd/ > 6500cd/
Average Power Consumption: 270w/ 270w/ 270w/ 240w/ 240w/ 240w/ 240w/ 240w/
Maximum  Power Consumption: 900w/ 900w/ 900w/ 800w/ 800w/ 800w/ 800w/ 800w/
Best Viewing Distance: 2.5m 3m 4m 4m 5m 7m 8m 10m
Cabinet Size : (W x H) Outdoor standard cabinet size 960*960mm  (Adjustable based on clients final screen size)
Cabinet Material: Outdoor Aluminum/ Steel / Die-cast aluminum
IP Rate: IP65 Front /IP54 Rear
Cabinet Weight: Aluminum / Die-cast aluminum 30kg/sqm , Steel 40kg/sqm
Maintenance Way Back service
Viewing Angle: H140°/V140°
Refresh Rate:  Basic 1920hz High 3840-5000hz
Grey Scale: 16bit
Input power 100-120V /200-240V
Operating Environment Temp.: -20’~50 

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