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✔️ Pixel Pitches: P2.5, P3.91,P6.25, P10

✔️ High transparency: >80%

✔️High brightness:3000-5000cd/m²

✔️Ultra-light weight: 6kg/m²

✔️Ultra-thin: less than 2mm

✔️Multiple installation ways: Stand, Hanging, Fix installation

✔️ Superior Visual Quality: Ultra HD Full HD resolution with intelligent brightness.

✔️ Convenient Features: One-click startup, wireless screen mirroring, and plug-and-play USB.

✔️ User-Friendly Interface: Clean interface for smooth operation and quick installation.


Poster Series

-Setup: our holographic invisible poster screen display requires no assembly. It’s designed for hassle-free installation and can be easily set up in various ways.

-Versatile Mounting Options: Whether you prefer lifting, vertical installation, or a combination of both, our holographic invisible poster screen offers flexible installation methods to suit your needs. -Portable and Convenient: With its removable and mobile design, it is easy to transport and can be quickly relocated whenever necessary.

Hanging Series

Hassle-free installation with standard hanging structure Versatile application in various installation environments Flexible size options: 55″, 70″, 100″, 135″ to meet diverse display needs

Fixed Installation Series

-Translucent and Unobtrusive: Our display module is designed to be transparent and invisible, ensuring clear visibility and unobstructed lighting. -Seamless and transparent: Our display module features a large seamless area with over 95% transparency, providing an immersive viewing experience without any obstructions.

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