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✔️ Sleek and Stylish Design: SightLED movable & conference LED Display will add fashion style to your meeting room.

✔️ Effortless Operation: Easy-to-use interface for quick meeting setup.

✔️Versatile Connectivity: Multiple external interfaces for flexible device connections.

✔️ Superior Visual Quality: Ultra HD Full HD resolution with intelligent brightness.

✔️ Convenient Features: One-click startup, wireless screen mirroring, and plug-and-play USB.

✔️ User-Friendly Interface: Clean interface for smooth operation and quick installation.


Effortless Meeting Start

With SightLED LED conference all-in-one LED display, you can kickstart your meetings in just 30 seconds and become familiar with the system in mere 3 minutes. Its user-friendly Android UI system interface makes operating the display a breeze, granting you instant access to relevant content. Installing apps is simple and intuitive.  


Plug and Use

Only one power cord plug is needed for all operations of the all-in-one machine



Various Interfaces

Catering to Diverse Needs, USB x 3 /HDMI in x 5/ HDMI out x 1/ RS232 x 1/Audio out x 1/ S/PDIF out x 1/ Type-C in x 1/ RJ45 x 1


The display has an ultra-thin profile of just 25mm

Foldable design

It is designed to be foldable, allowing you to easily fold and unfold it as needed. Even when the display is folded, the playing contents on the conference LED screen will continue uninterrupted, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.


Height adjustable

With a lifting range of up to 65cm. It supports Bluetooth remote control and a mobile phone app for convenient height adjustment.

Multiple screens combined use

Multiple screens can be seamlessly spliced together for expanded usage, allowing two all-in-one displays to create a larger combined screen for enhanced applications.

Easy transportation

The display is foldable and can be conveniently carried in an elevator. Upon opening, simply press the power button to instantly activate and start using it.

LED diplays we built recently

Our Certificate

Pixel Pitch mm 1.5625mm
Chip Packaging SMD 3in1
ResolutionW*H) 1920*1080
Viewing AreaW*Hmm 3000*1687.5
Total Size(W*H*Dmm) 3010*1807.5*25
Weight 225kg
Color Depth 14bit
Refresh Rate Hz 2880-3840
Contrast 6000:1
Brightness  nits 8     levels adjustable 100-600
Viewing Angle H/V) 160 °/160 °
Ac Input Power         Max(W)/Avg(W) 2800/840
Video Interfaces HDMI 1.4*2 IN HDMI 2.0*2 IN HDMI 2.1*1 IN HDMI 2.0*1 OUT USB *3 ,Type-C IN 4K*1,
Audio Interfaces External Audio output interface Audio OUT Digital Audio output interface S/PDIF OUT Built-in 2*20W full band audio (customized)
Control Interfaces RJ45*1,RS232*1,IR IN*1, Dual WIFI, Bluetooth Infrared remote control
Life Span H) ≥100,000 Hour
Installation/Maintenance Wall hanging (standard), Mobile base (optional)/Front maintenance (*216” does not support mounting)
Certification 3CCEETLFCC In Progress
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