What should you pay attention to when using stadium LED displays?

What is the Stadium LED Displays? Stadium LED displays are large electronic screens or panels that are installed in sports stadiums and arenas to provide visual content and information to the spectators. These displays use light-emitting diode (LED) technology to produce high-resolution and vibrant visuals that can be easily seen from a distance, even in […]

What impact does LED lamp beads have on Led Video Wall?

What impact does LED lamp beads have on Led Video Wall? LED video wall are used for indoor displays and large stage walls. They have a high refresh rate, low power consumption, and support synchronous and asynchronous control cards. They can play any video format, have a bright and clear image with no bright spots or […]

12 Advantages of Modular LED Display Panels

An LED display module allows you to be expressive and creative with your screen. You can bring all your storytelling dreams into reality and keep your audience entertained at all times. It holds many benefits for screen owners and viewers alike; let’s have a look at some of them. Contents  show  What Is a Modular LED Display Panel? […]

How Can an LED Screen Rental Enhance My Event in Singapore?

With the return of live events during the upcoming months, an LED wall rental can offer so many benefits to event organizers. Whether you are looking to advertise a new product, host a live streaming event, or create an exciting concert background, an LED screen rental can offer all of these functions and much more. […]

Top 5 LED Display Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

Advances in technology have made LED screens a popular choice for businesses. They are a way to make a significant impact. LED screen companies have become a go-to resource for events, businesses, and industries. These companies also rent displays for different purposes. This post will discuss the top 5 LED display rental companies in Singapore. Lexican de […]

The best 30 led video wall Suppliers In France

1. FirstScreen 1 rue du Bocage 33220 Bordeaux Bordeaux LED Screen Supplier Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED screen / Transparent LED screen Website: https://www.firstscreen.fr/ Tel: 0033 Email: contact@firstscreen.fr FirstScreen is a company that provides high-quality digital technology and optimizes costs. Their products include flexible transparent LED screens, outdoor and indoor large display screens, and monitoring […]

How to Select LED Display screen based on Pixel Pitch?

The pixel pitch is one of the important technical parameters of LED display,but what’s the pixel pitch? How to Select LED Display based on Pixel Pitch? If you don’t know, we will answer your questions here.Pixel pitch is the distance between two pixels to reflect the pixel density, pixel pitch and pixel density are the […]

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