Top 5 LED Display Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

Advances in technology have made LED screens a popular choice for businesses. They are a way to make a significant impact. LED screen companies have become a go-to resource for events, businesses, and industries. These companies also rent displays for different purposes. This post will discuss the top 5 LED display rental companies in Singapore.

Lexican de Mode:

It is one of the LED screen rental companies in Singapore. It not only supplies LED solutions but also deals with its installation procedures. If you are going to organize an event, you can get everything with a single click. This platform provides you with a range of products.

With years of experience, they are familiar with your problems with solutions. They supply an extensive range of products with the latest technology. They always strive for the quality of products. High resolution and quality are their priority.

Lexican de Mode offers a range of services which include:

  • LED wall and backdrop rental
  • Projector and screen rental
  • Audiovisual productions
  • Stage platform rental
  • Lighting system rental
  • Speakers system rental
LED Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

Zoom Visual:

Zoom visual has been doing its best to provide excellent products for fifteen years. They strive to promote marketing and branding campaigns via LED solutions. Besides, they aim to please customers via the most reliable LED solutions.

They always strive for quality. With years of work, they can now provide an extensive range of products. They supply the following products:

LED Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

Ivan and Levine:

Ivan and Levine’s Entertainment has ten years of experience. They have bore roots in the market as a well-known supplier of LED solutions. Their goal is to make them more vigorous and competitive. They aim to provide their customers with high-standard audio-video solutions. They offer any type and size of LED solutions. They claim to make your event a successful one.

Experienced technical crew and expertise in the field are their significant attributes. Ivan and Levine offer the following products for rental purposes:

  • LED video wall rental
  • Sound system rental
  • Projector and screen rental
  • TV rental
  • Stage rental
  • Truss and rigging system
  • Corporate video production

In short, you can get anything you need to organize an event.

LED Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

Super Venus:

Super Venus is one of the top audiovisual rental companies in Singapore. They offer various professional event technology equipment for rental. They aim to make your event a success. They provide budget-friendly equipment. Their primary concerns are innovative solutions and uncompromising customer service.

They strive to turn customers’ ideas into unique events. Your event will be a success if you contact Super Venus. They work professionally and have experienced technicians. Products you can get on rental from Super Venus are:

  • LED wall
  • Sound system
  • Lighting
  • PA system
  • TV
  • Projector
  • Special Effects
LED Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

JSQ Production:

It is a one-stop shop for all-stage production equipment in Singapore. It brings your event to life. Their products are of the highest quality. Their professional team is diligent enough to make your ideal event a reality. Their LED solution is of high quality with a great viewing experience.

Services they offer include:

  • LED video wall
  • Stage lighting
  • Sound system
  • Live stream
  • Studio rental
LED Screen Rental Companies in Singapore

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