HD SL-A series

Pixel Pitch:P1.25/P1.53/1.66/1.86/2/2.5mm

✔️ Strong stability: Use high-quality components and sophisticated processing technology to ensure high quality.

✔️ High gray: Perfect gray scale performance when brightness down to 20%.

✔️ High contrast: high-quality black LEDs make the image clear and sharp.

✔️ Super wide viewing angle with exquisite image:: the view angle is up to160 °/160 °

✔️ High refresh rate: No stripes for HD camera shooting


SightLED Indoor LED display application


Different sizes of cabinets

320mmX640mm, 640mmX640mm, 960mmX480mm, 640X480mm

Meet different projects requirements, different sizes of cabinets can work together.


Good Heat Dissipation, Easy Installation

Inner fixed reinforcement plate, and shockproof, auto heat dissipation, make the life span last over 10 years

Accurate, fast, easy, light weight, flexible positioning installation, it can effectively deal with different installation applications.


Easy and fast installation

Using standard brackets which is light weight but durable structure for installation

It’s much more convenience for installation and transportation.

Our HD LED screens have great performance and adapt to a variety of installation environments.

LED diplays we built recently

Our Certificate

HD indoor LED Display Specification
Model HD1.25 HD1.53 HD1.66 HD1.86 HD2 HD2.5
Pixel Pitch P1.25mm P1.53mm P1.66mm P1.86mm P2mm P2.5mm
LED Types Indoor SMD1010 Indoor SMD1212 Indoor SMD1212 Indoor SMD1515 Indoor SMD1515 Indoor SMD2121 without mask, SMD1515 with mask
Pixel Density: 640000/㎡ 422500/㎡ 360000/㎡ 288888/㎡ 250000/㎡ 160000/㎡
Module Size : (Wx H) 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm
Module Resolution: (pixels) 256*128 209*104 192*96 172*86 160*80 128*64
Input power 4.2V-5V 4.2V-5V 4.2V-5V 4.2V-5V 4.2V-5V 4.2V-5V
Module Scanning method : 1/64 1/52 1/48 1/43 1/40 1/32
Cabinet size & weight 320mm*640mm*62mm (5KG)640mm*480mm*62mm(7.1KG)                                                                                              640mm*640mm*62mm(9.6KG)960mm*480mm*62mm(10.8KG)
Cabinet materials Die-cast aluminum
Maintenance Way Magnetically Front  service without screws
Brightness: 600-900CD/㎡ (ajustable)
Average Power Consumption: 150w/㎡
Maximum  Power Consumption: <600w/㎡
Viewing Angle: H140°/V140°
Refresh Rate: Hight refresh rate >3840hz
Grey Scale: 14-16bit
Input power 100-120V /200-240V
Operating Environment Temperature: -20~50 ℃


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