P16 Outdoor LED Display Screen

P16 LED display

P16 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen P16 LED display is an outdoor LED advertising display with optional iron cabinet and die-casting aluminum alloy cabinet. It can use both SMD and DIP lamp bead designs. The regular P16 SMD LED outdoor LED display has a high brightness of 6500 nits or more. If you want to […]

How to Calculate LED Screen Size, Resolution, Viewing Distance & Brightness

led display panel factory in China

When you install an LED display, you may need to calculate multiple parameters, such as: LED display area, brightness, power consumption, resolution, etc. In this post, we will introduce their detailed calculation methods. How to calculate the resolution of LED screen? The resolution of an LED display is basically the number of pixels in a […]

Light Pole LED Display

Light pole LED Display

What is Pole LED display Electronics LED pole screen, also known as smart street light screen or pole LED display, is a kind of LED display screen which is specially mounted on the street light pole. Pole LED screen is an important part in the construction of smart city, which combines LED display and street […]

How Much Does A Stadium LED Display Cost?

Stadium LED screens

Stadium LED display screens, primarily perimeter LED Displays, are being increasingly used at sporting events to entertain crowds and broadcast advertisements. Generally, a small jumbotron, like the one used for a high school football field, can range in price between $30,000 to $50,000. However, a larger jumbotron like one that’s used in professional sports stadiums […]

How to Tell if My LED Display Are Gold wire LED

outdoor led video wall manufacturer

When you buy LED displays for high-end applications, you often need to choose gold wire LED beads. So how can I be sure that my LED screen is a gold wire LED display and how to identify them? Next, SightLED experts will share this knowledge. The importance of gold wire in LED bead packaging Gold […]

Trailer LED Screen For Sale:How Much Does Trailer LED Screen Cost?

Mobile Trailer LED Screen

Trailer LED screens are a great, cost-effective way to advertise outdoors or display content at events. They’re easy to set up and deliver dynamic content, which makes them better than traditional fixed LED screens. So, They’re now popular for events, advertisements, and live broadcasts. If you’re looking for a trailer LED screen and want to […]

COB Vs. GOB LED Display:How Much Does GOB LED Screen Cost?

gob LED display

As more and more people are looking for better visual displays, some of the traditional SMD technologies just aren’t cutting it anymore. Some manufacturers have switched to COB and other new technologies, while others have upgraded the SMD technology, like GOB, which is an SMD encapsulation process that’s been improved with iterative technology. If you […]

Nationstar LED Display:How Much Does Nationstar LED Screen Cost?

Outdoor LED display

When you are looking for an LED display, you may receive different prices. One of the things that make up 45-70% of the cost of an LED display is the LED beads. You may have heard of the Nationstar LED bead brand. Why are they relatively expensive and what is the price of Nationstar LED […]

Nationstar LED Vs. Kinglight LED Display:Which Is Better?

IMD LED packaging

In recent years, the market requirements for LED display continue to improve and diversify development. Whether it is the popular large naked eye 3D screen, or leading the “vision” of ultra-high HD LED display, all these improve LED packaging technology. In the face of the rapidly updating demand, Nationstar LED and Kinglight LED actively have […]

8K LED Video Wall: How to Build 8K Display?

broadcast 8K LED video wall

Recently, the concept of 8K is very popular, but do you know what 8K is? Except for industry professionals, people may not be able to tell the specific parameter details and industry standards, but everyone should agree that 8K technology is ahead of the currently popular 4K technology. So what is 8K? In addition to […]

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