How to Select LED Display screen based on Pixel Pitch?

The pixel pitch is one of the important technical parameters of LED display,but what’s the pixel pitch?

How to Select LED Display based on Pixel Pitch? If you don’t know, we will answer your questions here.
Pixel pitch is the distance between two pixels to reflect the pixel density, pixel pitch and pixel density are the physical properties of the display screen. The information capacity is the quantity unit of information carrying capacity displayed per unit area pixel density one-time. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more one-time display information capacity per unit area, and the closer the viewing distance. The larger the pixel pitch is, the lower the pixel density is, the less the one-time display information capacity per unit area is, and the farther the viewing distance is.

So, how to choose the appropriate LED display pixel pitch? There are two factors for your reference:
1.LED display viewing distance

Where the LED display screen is placed, and how far people stand to see it in general, is an important factor in determining the pixel pitch when selecting LED display.

Generally, there is a formula that the optimal view distance = pixel pitch /(0.3~0.8), which is a general range. For example, on a 10mm pixel pitch, the best view distance is 13 ~34 meters. If the distance between the stations is closer than the minimum distance, the pixels on the screen can be distinguished. The sense of granularity is stronger, but when the distance is far away, the human eye cannot distinguish the detailed features.(For normal vision, we do not include short-sighted or far-sighted eyes). This is actually a rough number.

For outdoor LED display, P10 or P12 is generally used, for far ones that will be P16 or P20. Now our Minimum pixel pitch for outdoor use is P3.91,For indoor display screens, p4-P6 can be used in general, and P7.62 or P10 can be used further.

2.Total pixel pitch count of LED display
For video, the basic format is VCD, with a resolution of 352288, and DVD with a resolution of 768576. Therefore, for the video screen, we recommend the lowest resolution not less than 352*288, so that the display effect is good. If it is lower, it can be displayed, but not so good. For text and picture display based on single and double color LED display, resolution requirements are not high, you can according to the actual size, the minimum display of font 9, you can determine according to the amount of text。

Anyway,when choose the LED display, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the better and higher the resolution will be,and the display will be clear. However, we should also consider the cost and demand, application scope and other factors.

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