What is Pole LED display

Electronics LED pole screen, also known as smart street light screen or pole LED display, is a kind of LED display screen which is specially mounted on the street light pole. Pole LED screen is an important part in the construction of smart city, which combines LED display and street light pole to form an intelligent device integrating lighting, information display, environmental monitoring and other functions.
  • High brightness and clarity
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Remote control and management
  • Adaptable
  • pole LED screen

    Light pole LED DisplayCustomized screen

    Our pole LED display supports 4G/5G network remote control and cluster control, as well as batch control over an unlimited distance.

    The pole LED display has an environmental monitoring function, which can monitor environmental indicators such as temperature and humidity, wind speed, air quality, etc.

    The pole LED screen is waterproof, can be adapted to outdoor installation, and automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment.

    The pole LED display can quickly publish information, and the remote control can achieve the function of receiving and playing the same information in different locations at the same time, to ensure effective information distribution.

    Light pole LED Display

    Benefits of Installing Light Pole Screens

    Promote urban culture

    Installation of LED pole screen in city streets can be used as a display window of city culture and history, through the broadcasting of relevant propaganda films and information, so that residents and tourists have a more in-depth understanding of the city's cultural heritage and historical inheritance, and enhance the city's cultural soft power.

    Release traffic information

    At intersections or road sections with heavy traffic, pole LED display can display real-time traffic congestion information and road condition tips to help drivers adjust their routes in time to avoid congestion. It can relieve urban traffic pressure and improve traffic operation efficiency.

    Smart Traffic Management

    The combination of LED pole screen and intelligent transportation system can realize the comprehensive perception and intelligent processing of traffic information. Through real-time monitoring and data analysis, the traffic management department can more accurately grasp the traffic situation, formulate effective traffic management strategies, and improve the intelligent level of urban traffic.

    Environmental monitoring

    If the LED light pole screen has built-in sensors, it also has an environmental monitoring function, which can display real-time temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and other environmental data, which can help the city management take timely measures to deal with environmental problems.

    Advertising display

    As a new type of advertising medium, LED light pole screen has the advantages of wide viewing angle, high brightness and easy to attract attention. Businessmen can display their advertising information on the light pole screen to attract the attention of potential customers and increase brand awareness and product sales.

    Beautify the city

    With its versatile colors and patterns, LED light pole screen can significantly enhance the charm of the city's night scene, make the city more beautiful and attractive at night, and improve the city's popularity and reputation.

    Pole LED screen
    Pole LED screen

    Our Pole LED Display Features

    Automatic brightness adjustment

    The pole LED screen can adjust the brightness automatically based on the the environmental brightnes, so you get clear images, rich colors, and less light pollution.

    High Brightness

    ompared with other outdoor LED display screens that only require a brightness of more than 6000cd, our pole LED screen uses large-chip LED lamp beads with a brightness of at least 6500 or even up to 7000cd.

    Cluster control through remote

    Our pole LED screen supports cluster control, you can use 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi network to connect the LED pole screen to the Internet, through the cloud platform for remote control and management. No need to go to the site to operate, just through the network can realize the remote control and management of multiple LED pole screen, unified information release and display, improve management efficiency.

    Diversified transmission methods
    Intelligent light pole LED screen can transmit data through WIF1/3G/4G/5G/GPRS/network cable.
    Multiple control modes to transmit and send data

    Pole LED display
    LED Pole Screen

    Centralized back-office management
    Centralized backstage control system: computer, tablet or cell phone APP one-on-one or at the same time on more than one display advertising information release and editing synchronous reception, synchronous playback

    High protection, green energy saving
    Solar or utility power supply, green energy saving: P65 or higher protection level waterproof, dustproof, UV protection, to ensure that the use of outdoor use in any harsh environment without interference.

    pole LED screen
    Pole LED display

    Simple and convenient installation and maintenance
    With the street light pole as the installation medium, bracket or holding fixed modular cabinet design, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient.

    Pole LED Display Specification

    Specification P2.5 P3 P3.84 P4
    Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 3mm 3.84mm 4mm
    Module Size 320*160mm 192*192mm 200*200mm 256*128mm
    Scanning Mode 1/16s 1/13s 1/13s 1/10s
    Pixel Density 160000 dots/m² 111111 dots/m² 67708 dots/m² 62500 dots/m²
    Maximum Power 1075W 1000W 950W 900W
    Average Power 358W 320W 310W 300W
    Refresh Rate 1920-3840HZ 1920-3840HZ 1920-3840HZ 1920-3840HZ
    Brightness >5000CD/m² >5000CD/m² >5000CD/m² >5000CD/m²
    Control Mode Cloud Control (3G/4G/WIFI) Cloud Control (3G/4G/WIFI) Cloud Control (3G/4G/WIFI) Cloud Control (3G/4G/WIFI)
    Working Temp -20°C to +50°C -20°C to +50°C -20°C to +50°C -20°C to +50°C
    Working Humidity 10-90% RH 10-90% RH 10-90% RH 10-90% RH
    Installation Side/Hanging Side/Hanging Side/Hanging Side/Hanging


    The high brightness means it’ll last for about 8 years. Since it’s so bright, the attenuation is slow and the space of attenuation is large. It can also adapt to the environment better, so it’s stronger and the brightness of the available space is greater. In actual use, you can adjust it to about 5000CD, which is the most energy-saving, less heat, but also improves the stability.

    LED light pole screens are used on the highway, mounted on light poles, and they’re all metal. Even if they don’t work internally at more than 60 degrees, they can still handle 80 degrees of high temperature. That’s the basic requirement for a light pole screen.

    Light pole LED screens are set up on main traffic arteries, where wind, overweight cars, etc. can cause loose or oxidized joints.

    The light pole LED screen is made of aluminum alloy, which can reduce the weight of the cabinet and make the cabinet more beautiful.

    Hundreds of light pole screens may be installed in the same project, which must be required to switch programs synchronously. Otherwise, instead of affecting the cityscape, and secondly, the light pole screen is also a part of the lighting project

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