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5D LED BillBoard Cost:What is a 5D Billboard?

In addition to conventional LED displays, you may have already felt the charm of 3D outdoor LED screens, but do you know that there is now a more powerful 5D display technology? With its stunning multi-dimensional effects, 5D billboards have been used in projects that pursue high-end visual experience and interactive effects. Do you know what is a 5D billboard? What is the difference between  5D billboard and 3D billboard? Next, SightLED experts will introduce it to you in detail.

What is a 5D billboard?

3D LED Display

Compared with traditional LED displays , 5D billboards incorporate more visual display technologies, such as adding multi-dimensional elements such as time, sound and interaction on the basis of 3D screens. 5D billboards can not only display realistic three-dimensional images, but also create a more realistic and immersive environment through sound, dynamic effects and interactive technology.

5D billboard features:

  • Depth and stereoscopic video animation display
  • Enhanced visual effects
  • Simulate real-world changes
  • Surround sound and other technologies to enhance immersion
  • Virtual reality, interactive experience

Application scenarios of 5D screens

  • Commercial advertising: For example, installed in shopping malls or squares;
  • Public events: For example, at music festivals, sports events and other events.
  • Entertainment performances: For example, in stage plays, movie screenings, and other occasions.
  • Education and training, for example, in science education, 5D screens can display three-dimensional biological models, and students can learn about the structure and function of organisms in detail through interactive devices.

Is China’s 5D billboard real?

Yes, China’s outdoor 5D billboard is real, and has reached a high level in technology. They are mainly used in commercial advertisements, public events, large-scale performances, and other occasions to provide audiences with unprecedented visual enjoyment.

Why is 5D technology so popular?

3D LED screen

With its advanced technology and excellent effects, 5D LED display technology has rapidly emerged in recent years and has become the darling of the outdoor advertising and entertainment industries. The following are the main reasons for its popularity:

Technological innovation

Breaking through the limitations of traditional 3D screens, 5D technology can not only realistically display three-dimensional images, but also add multi-dimensional elements such as time, sound, and interaction.

Real effect

Through HD display quality and sophisticated picture processing technology, 5D billboards can provide lifelike effects. Whether it is scenery, characters or dynamic scenes, it can give people an immersive feeling.

For example, when showing an underwater world, the audience can not only see lifelike fish and corals, but also feel the ups and downs of the waves and the surge of the water. In addition, when showing a storm, the screen can not only show realistic lightning and wind and rain effects, but also play thunder and wind sounds synchronously, and even in some interactive sessions, the audience can feel simulated wind and water drops. With this technology, the audience seems to be on the scene, and you can greatly enhance the audience’s experience.


Compared with traditional 3D billboards, 5D LED billboards can attract the attention of a large number of viewers in a short time and become the focus of people’s attention. If you use them for brand publicity and event promotion, 5D billboards can not only make passers-by stop and watch, but also attract people to actively participate and experience.

Other advantages

  • Support multiple playback forms and interactive methods.
  • Enhance the audience’s sense of participation and experience.

How does China’s 5D billboard work?

Nowadays, you may have only seen China’s 5D LED billboards through videos such as Youtube or Tiktok, and have not felt their charm in a real environment. You may be curious about how 5D LED billboards work?

5D LED billboard system includes some advanced hardware systems and highly complex control system integration, such as :

High-definition outdoor LED screen

5D LED screen is composed of high-quality, High-brightness, high-resolution LED display module, such as: P6 or P10 LED display cabinet. Whether in strong sunlight or dim environment at night, 5D LED billboard is equipped with ambient light sensing system to provide bright and delicate images.

In addition, 5D LED modules usually need to have the following features:

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Low power design, energy saving;
  • Strong weather resistance;
  • Adapt to various harsh outdoor environments.

Powerful LED control system

Advanced LED control system is one of the core components for the normal operation of 5D LED billboard. It can not only realize 5D display, but also realize accurate screen switching and dynamic effect display, making animation more realistic. China’s 5D billboard control system usually includes:

Image processor: Nowday, the latest Novastar video processor is used to process the input video signal, perform resolution conversion, color correction and image enhancement operations.

Control software: Equipped with professional LED control software, you can flexibly adjust the display parameters of the screen, preset effects and control in real time.

Synchronous control technology: Unlike asynchronous systems, 5D LED billboards mostly use synchronous technology. You can control it through a computer to ensure that the 5D screen displays your target video resources in real time. .

Other hardware equipment

Sound system

Sensor: Its main function is to detect the audience’s movements and positions and trigger interactions on the screen, such as infrared sensors, touch sensors, etc.

Auxiliary equipment: For example, power management equipment, cooling systems, etc.

5D video animation source

Unlike conventional LED video screens, our commonly used video resources cannot be played on 5D display billboard. You need to use a professional animation production team and complex rendering technology to customize high-quality 5D video animations.

5D animation production process:

  • Content creativity: Creative ideas and script writing are carried out according to customer needs.
  • Modeling and rendering: Use advanced 3D modeling and rendering software to create high-precision three-dimensional models and scenes.
  • Special effects production: Add special effects, such as particle effects, light and shadow effects, etc. to enhance visual impact.
  • Sound design: Synchronize the sound design to perfectly combine the picture and sound and enhance the overall experience.

How much does a 5D billboard cost?

Similar to the cost composition of conventional LED screens, the price of 5D LED billboards is also composed of multiple factors, including the manufacture and installation,control system, video production, structural support and maintenance, etc.

Outdoor LED Panel price

Area and resolution:

The price of 5D outdoor LED screens mainly depends on the area and resolution. The larger the screen size, the higher the cost; the higher the resolution, the higher the cost. For example: Under the same area, 6mm pixel pitch LED display is more expensive than 10mm LED screens. Similarly, if the pixel pitch is the same, 300 square 5D LED billboard are higher than 200 square.

Generally speaking, the price of 5D screens per square meter ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of US dollars. The approximate reference price range is as follows:

  • Standard LED billboard (P8/P10): The price per square meter is approximately between 1,000 and 3,000 US dollars.
  • High-resolution LED billboard (P4/P6): The price per square meter is approximately between 2,000 and 4,000 US dollars.

However, the above situation is relative, because the cost of 5D LED  billboard is also related to many other technical parameters, such as:

  • Whether multiple arcs are needed: If you need to support right angles or arcs, the price will be higher.
  • LED screen refresh rate: 3840HZ refresh rate LED screen is more expensive than 1920HZ screen.
  • LEDs brand: Nationstar LEDs are more expensive than Kinglight
  • Cabinet waterproof level: IP66, IP68 waterproof level cabinet is more expensive than IP65.
  • LEDs wire material: gold wire LEDs are more expensive than copper wire LEDs.
  • Cabinet material: aluminum alloy cabinet is higher than iron cabinet;
  • Cabinet maintenance method: magnetic front maintenance cabinet is higher than rear maintenance cabinet.

Control system cost

Video processor: video processors with the same pixels and similar functions, Novastar video processors are cheaper than Colorligt video processors. If the image processor is used for 4K processing and optimizing the input signal, the price is generally between US$5,000 and US$30,000. The cost depends on the additional features, such as:

  • Image enhancement technology
  • HDR technology
  • Multi-screen splicing technology
  • Multi-channel technology
  • Number of interfaces, etc.

LED control software:

If you are going to use general control software, it is usually provided free of charge by the LEDs control system manufacturer. If you need a custom controlled system, it will be charged extra.

5D video production cost

In order for the 5D billboard to play properly, you need to customize some high-quality 5D video sources. Different professional animation production teams and animation time have different prices, such as:

  • Short video production: Generally, the cost of a 3-5 minute 5D video is about US$3,000 to US$10,000.
  • Medium and long video production: Generally, the cost of a 10-15 minute 5D video is between US$10,000 and US$20,000.
  • Long video and complex special effects: If your video is longer or needs to include complex special effects, the cost may exceed US$20,000.

Steel structure cost

Usually 5D LED billboards are installed on pillars or commercial building walls. The cost of steel structure is usually closely related to the complexity of installation and the plane area . The general cost range is as follows:

  • Small 5D billboard project: a few square meters to dozens of square meters, the cost is about US$2,000 to US$20,000.
  • Medium 5D billboard project: dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, the cost is between US$20,000 and US$100,000.
  • Large 5D billboard project: thousands of square meters, the cost may exceed US$100,000.

Maintenance cost

Regular inspection and cleaning: In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the 5D screen, you need to inspect and clean it regularly, the cost is generally between US$2,000 and US$10,000 per year.

Replacement of parts: If it is a newly installed LED screen, top LED manufacturers- SightLED usually provide a 2-year free warranty. If the warranty period is exceeded, you may need to pay additional accessories, including the replacement of LED modules, power supplies, control boards and other parts. The cost is priced according to actual needs, usually between US$1,000 and US$10,000 per year.

Other cost list

  • Transportation cost: Depending on the distance of the project and the size of the screen, the transportation cost is usually between several thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Installation costs: Including labor costs and equipment rental costs, the installation costs are generally between $2,000 and $20,000.
  • Power facilities: The cost of equipment and wiring to provide stable power to the screen is usually between $1,000 and $10,000.
  • Permit and insurance costs: In some countries or regions, you may need to pay additional project permits and insurance fees, the specific amount depends on the regulations and requirements of the project location.


Here is a reference cost example for a medium-sized 5D LED billboard project (assuming the screen area is 100 square meters):

  • Outdoor LED screen price: 100 square meters * $2,000/square meter = $200,000
  • Control system cost: comprehensive cost = $30,000
  • 5D video production cost: medium and long video production = $40,000
  • Steel structure cost: medium-sized, cost = $30,000
  • Maintenance cost: annual = $10,000
  • Other costs:
  • Transportation cost = $5,000
  • Installation cost = $8,000
  • Electric utility cost = $5,000
  • Permit and insurance cost = $2,000
  • Total cost: $200,000 (LED screen) + $30,000 (control system) + $40,000 (video production) + $30,000 (steel structure) + $10,000 (maintenance) + $20,000 (other) = $330,000


The above costs are for reference only, the actual 5D billboard system project may be different and need to be adjusted according to specific needs and project conditions.

Comparison between 3D billboard and 5D billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard

In terms of technology, manufacturing process, energy consumption, price, effect and implementation method, 3D outdoor billboard and 5D outdoor billboard have significant differences. :


3D screen: 3D billboard mainly relies on stereoscopic display technology to create depth and stereoscopic feeling by providing images from different perspectives. 3D screens usually use technologies such as polarized light and naked eye 3D.

5D screen: Based on 3D technology, 5D billboard adds dimensions such as time, sound and interaction. In addition to displaying stereoscopic images, 5D billboards also combine real-time sound effects and audience interaction to provide a more immersive experience.

Manufacturing process

3D screen: The manufacturing process is relatively simple, mainly focusing on high-quality 3D image processing and stereoscopic display technology. The hardware and software requirements are relatively low. Its technology is mature and stable, and it is suitable for relatively simple stereoscopic display needs.

5D screen: 5D billboards need to coordinate the effects of multiple dimensions. Therefore, the manufacturing process is more complicated and usually requires higher-precision hardware and control systems, and software support.

Energy consumption

3D screen: Due to the relatively simple technology, the energy consumption of 3D screen is mainly concentrated on the display module, and the overall energy consumption is low.

5D screen: Due to the addition of multi-dimensional effects, the energy consumption of 5D billboard is slightly higher than that of 3D billboard. The sound system, interactive equipment and high-performance control system all require additional power support, so the energy consumption of the entire system increases.


3D screen: Due to the mature technology and simple manufacturing process, the price of 3D billboard is relatively low. Suitable for projects with limited budgets.

5D screen: Due to the use of the latest technology and the need for customization, the price of 5D billboard is higher than that of 3D screen. In addition to the cost of the screen itself, it also includes the cost of the sound system, interactive equipment, control system and high-quality content production. For example, the total cost of a medium-sized 5D screen billboard project may be two to three times that of a 3D project of the same size.


3D screen: Although 3D billboard can provide realistic stereoscopic visual effects, its effect is mainly limited to the visual aspect.

5D screen: By combining multiple elements such as sound, time, and interaction, the 5D billboard effect is more shocking, which can bring stronger visual impact and a richer and more comprehensive sensory experience.

Implementation method

3D screen: mainly realized through stereoscopic display technology, such as polarized light, active shutter and naked eye 3D.

5D screen: it requires a combination of multiple technical elements, including stereoscopic display technology (3D), sound system, time control and interactive equipment. ,

Installation and maintenance

3D billboard installation and maintenance are relatively simple, and the main focus is on the optimization of display effect and stability guarantee.

5D screen: it requires a professional installation and maintenance team to ensure the coordination and stable operation of various technical elements.

Why is a 3D LED screen preferred nowadays?

Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Display

In today’s display technology application, although 5D screens are more advanced, through the above comparison of 3D screens and 5D screens, we can still conclude that they have more advantages and many application scenarios, and are still the first choice for many projects.

  • Affordable price: Compared with 5D screens, 3D screens are more affordable and suitable for projects with limited budgets.
  • Lower video production costs: 3D video production costs are relatively low, and no additional complex multi-dimensional elements are required.
  • LED system is more stable: After years of technological development, 3D LED system has established a complete technical system and maintenance mechanism, which can operate stably for a long time.
  • Lower energy consumption: 3D screens have relatively low energy consumption and lower operating costs.
  • More compatible with conventional LED screens: 3D screens can directly use existing LED display cabinets without large-scale hardware upgrades and modifications. Only right angles and arc functions need to be added, which reduces compatibility issues and additional costs.
  • Convenient installation and maintenance: Due to its high compatibility with conventional LED screens, the installation and maintenance of 3D screens have become simpler.
  • Wide application: Due to mature technology, 3D screens are widely used in commercial advertising, entertainment performances, education and training and other fields around the world, and have accumulated rich application experience and successful cases.

Our 3D LED Display Solution:

3D outdoor LED display

DOOH SL-5 (3D advertising) is the ultimate 3D outdoor LED display solution. It is designed to meet a variety of high-end installation needs and creative application scenarios. Whether it is a standard right-angle screen or a special installation such as a curved screen, the SL-5 series can handle it perfectly.

Multiple cabinet sizes:

The SL-5 series adopts a universal 960×960mm size with a thickness of only 77mm. In addition, we also provide a variety of optional sizes, such as 960×640mm, 1440×640mm and 1440×960mm, to meet the needs of different customers.

Modular design:

All cabinets adopt a fully sealed aluminum frame design with a lock. The cabinet supports front and back maintenance without screws, and can be quickly assembled and disassembled, greatly improving maintenance efficiency.

Cable hidden design:

In order to ensure the safety and convenience of users, the back of the SL-5 series LED screen adopts a cable hidden design to effectively avoid safety hazards.

Diverse application scenarios

The SL-5 series can be applied to various installation scenarios and needs. Whether it is a commercial billboard, a public display or a personalized display screen.

Excellent protection performance

As a high-performance outdoor LED display, the SL-5 series adopts a high-level protection design. Whether it is heavy rain, scorching sun or cold winter and other bad weather, the SL-5 series can consistently provide high-definition display effects.

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In summary, although 5D LED billboards have become one of the most popular display technologies with their advanced technology, real effects, and strong appeal. However, 3D screens are still the first choice today because they are cheaper and more mature in technology. If your budget is limited and you need more advanced technology than conventional displays, then you can consider SightLED 3D displays. Our 3D screens can achieve excellent display effects to meet your various application needs.

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