Advantages and technical difficulties of bus mobile LED transparent advertising screens

Advantages and technical difficulties of bus mobile LED transparent advertising screens

LED transparent screens are already a relatively common product in glass curtain walls and glass windows, but can it be used in cars? Such as buses, taxis, etc.
The answer is yes.

Traditional bus mobile LED displays have opaque screens and insufficient light, causing external light to be blocked and interior light to be dim. The people inside the car were blocked from seeing what was happening outside. A car-mounted transparent LED display is very necessary. Due to the transparent effect, it does not affect the lighting in the car and is better integrated with the car.

1. Advantages of bus mobile LED transparent advertising screens

1.1 Efficient publicity

The vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screen can continuously display advertising information during driving, directly facing pedestrians and vehicles, thereby effectively increasing brand exposure. Its dynamic display content and eye-catching visual effects make advertising information easier to accept and remember.

1.2 Flexible application

The vehicle-mounted LED transparent advertising screen can change the display content at any time according to different publicity needs to achieve diversification of advertising content. At the same time, it can also be combined with other promotional methods, such as audio, voice, etc., to enhance the interactivity and attractiveness of advertising.

1.3 Energy saving and environmental protection

Compared with traditional paper billboards, vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens do not need to consume a lot of paper, reducing waste of resources. At the same time, the energy-saving characteristics of LED technology also make its power consumption relatively low, which is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.

1.4 HD Transparent

The vehicle-mounted LED transparent advertising screen can maintain a certain degree of transparency while displaying advertising information, so that the driver can still clearly see the external environment while driving, ensuring driving safety. At the same time, the high-definition display effect also ensures the clarity and fidelity of advertising content.

2. Technical difficulties of bus mobile LED transparent advertising screens

2.1 Power supply

The transparent screen uses AC 220 V to DC 5V power supply, and the vehicle power supply is generally DC 36V or 12V, making DC 36V or 12V to dc5V the first choice for the screen power supply. Fortunately, traditional car screens are relatively mature, and the power supply technology is also very Advanced, this problem is no longer an issue.

2.2 Screen control

Vehicle-mounted LED transparent screens generally adopt synchronous control and use a computer to control the screen. The car screen cannot send the computer in the car. It needs to adopt asynchronous control and use a USB flash drive or mobile phone application to control the screen.

2.3 Special-shaped customization

Vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens have different sizes, and it is difficult to form a unified standard size. Then they need to be customized according to the size of each screen body. Customization requires redrawing the board, mold opening, and testing.

2.4 Thin and light design

In order to meet the needs of vehicle use, LED advertising screens need to have a thin and light design. This requires a high degree of integration and optimization of key components such as LED chips and driver circuits, and also requires consideration of heat dissipation and anti-vibration and anti-shake issues.

2.5 Transparency and brightness balance

Vehicle-mounted LED transparent advertising screens need to ensure a certain degree of transparency while also ensuring sufficient brightness to clearly display advertising content in outdoor environments. This requires careful design and optimization of the layout and luminous efficiency of LED pixels.

2.6 Anti-shock and anti-shake

The vehicle environment requires high seismic performance of the equipment, especially on bumpy roads. Therefore, LED advertising screens need to have excellent anti-vibration and anti-shake capabilities to ensure the stability and clarity of the picture during driving.

2.7 Thermal management

LEDs generate heat during operation, and poor heat dissipation can lead to reduced device performance or even damage. Therefore, effective heat dissipation management is an important part of vehicle-mounted LED transparent advertising screen technology. Reasonable design and material selection are needed to ensure that heat can be dissipated in a timely manner and to maintain stable operation of the equipment.

Vehicle-mounted LED transparent advertising screens have significant advantages in efficient publicity, flexible application, energy saving and environmental protection, and high-definition transparency. However, they also face technical challenges such as thin and light design, transparency and brightness balance, shock resistance, anti-shake, and heat dissipation management. Through continuous technological innovation and optimization, it is believed that vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens will play a greater role in the future advertising market.

3. Application Scenario Outlook

With the advancement of technology and the maturity of the market, the application scenarios of vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens will become more and more extensive:

urban mobile advertising

Vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens can carry out mobile publicity in the city’s main streets, business districts and other places to attract the attention of pedestrians.

Large event promotion

In large-scale activities such as sports events and concerts, vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens can be used as mobile billboards to increase brand exposure.

Traffic information display

Vehicle-mounted transparent LED advertising screens can also be used to display traffic information, such as road conditions, bus arrival times, etc., to provide convenience for citizens to travel.

In general, vehicle-mounted LED transparent advertising screens will play an increasingly important role in the future advertising market with their unique advantages and continuous breakthroughs in technical difficulties.

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