How Much Does A Concert LED Screen Cost?

Concert LED Video Wall

Concert LED screens boost the audience experience with their vibrant graphics, beautiful pictures and interesting content. A Concert LED screen price can vary based on a number of characteristics. This includes: the kind of screen, its dimensions, resolution and installation requirements. We’ll analyze the several kinds of concert LED display screens prices in this article […]

How much does a church LED screen cost?

led wall church,ledwall rental paris

Compared with traditional projectors, church LED display screens are gradually becoming an important element to enhance the atmosphere of religious activities and enhance the effect of information transmission. Whether it is a solemn worship ceremony indoors or an outdoor church LED sign. Church LED screens are adding infinite brilliance to the church with their unique […]

How to Calculate LED Screen Size, Resolution, Viewing Distance & Brightness

led display panel factory in China

When you install an LED display, you may need to calculate multiple parameters, such as: LED display area, brightness, power consumption, resolution, etc. In this post, we will introduce their detailed calculation methods. How to calculate the resolution of LED screen? The resolution of an LED display is basically the number of pixels in a […]

Nationstar LED Display:How Much Does Nationstar LED Screen Cost?

Outdoor LED display

When you are looking for an LED display, you may receive different prices. One of the things that make up 45-70% of the cost of an LED display is the LED beads. You may have heard of the Nationstar LED bead brand. Why are they relatively expensive and what is the price of Nationstar LED […]

Nationstar LED Vs. Kinglight LED Display:Which Is Better?

IMD LED packaging

In recent years, the market requirements for LED display continue to improve and diversify development. Whether it is the popular large naked eye 3D screen, or leading the “vision” of ultra-high HD LED display, all these improve LED packaging technology. In the face of the rapidly updating demand, Nationstar LED and Kinglight LED actively have […]

8K LED Video Wall: How to Build 8K Display?

broadcast 8K LED video wall

Recently, the concept of 8K is very popular, but do you know what 8K is? Except for industry professionals, people may not be able to tell the specific parameter details and industry standards, but everyone should agree that 8K technology is ahead of the currently popular 4K technology. So what is 8K? In addition to […]

4K P1.25 LED Screen Price:How Much P1.25 LED Dipslay Per SQM

Fine Pixel LED display 4K

Are you looking for P1.25 indoor LED screens and price?The price of these screens can vary a lot depending on different items. Knowing these things can help you make a smart choice and get the best value for your money. What’s a 4K P1.25 LED Video Wall? A 4K P1.25 video wall is an LED […]

LED Video Walls Are Essential in MICE Industry

LED video walls are steadily gaining ground among event planners as an important element of the modern meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) industry. The large sizes, bright screens, and unmatched versatility of their displays not only capture the attention but also the imagination of your guests. This trend is here to stay. A report […]

LED Screen vs LCD Video Wall: What Are The Differences & Which To Choose

LED screens and video walls are the predominant large-screen displays in today’s market, finding extensive applications in retail advertising, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. With rapid advancements in display technology, LED screens have emerged as a formidable contender, continuously improving across various parameters. Consequently, businesses are increasingly pondering whether LED screens outshine video walls as […]

Outdoor /indoor LED screen for event manufacturer

When it comes to elevating your event, nothing beats the vibrancy and clarity of LED screens compared to traditional projector screens. Our high-resolution LED screens bring your event to life with stunning visuals, ensuring your audience is captivated and engaged. Unlike projector screens, LED screens maintain sharpness and clarity, especially for outdoor events in daylight. […]

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