Sightled indoor full-color P1.25 small-pitch LED display application

The P1.25 small-pitch LED display is a high-definition, high-density LED display with a pixel pitch of 1.25mm. It has the characteristics of high definition, high refresh rate, high contrast, and high color reproduction. Due to the smaller pixel pitch, the P1.25 small-pitch LED display can present a more delicate and realistic image effect, and is suitable for high-end application scenarios such as high-definition video conferencing, digital advertising, command centers, and exhibition displays.

In terms of hardware, the control system of the P1.25 small-pitch LED display needs to support high resolution and high refresh rate to ensure image stability and smoothness. At the same time, the heat dissipation system also needs to be more efficient to ensure the stable operating temperature of the LED module and extend its service life. In terms of software, advanced image processing algorithms and control algorithms need to be used to achieve more realistic image effects and more flexible control methods.

The following shares Sightled indoor full-color P1.25 small-pitch LED display application.

This project plans to use Sightled HD SL-A series P1.25 LED display modules to be spliced together. The entire screen will be integrated and there will be no black lines or other phenomena.
The pixel particles are composed of surface-mounted three-in-one black LEDs with a pixel pitch of 1.25mm. The display screen is delicate and smooth, and the displayed information is rich and accurate.

HD SL-A series P1.25 specification

Pixel PitchP1.25mm
LED TypesIndoor SMD1010
Pixel Density:640000/㎡
Module Size : (Wx H)320*160mm
Module Resolution: (pixels)256*128
Input power4.2V-5V
Module Scanning method :1/64
Cabinet size & weight320mm*640mm*62mm (5KG)
Cabinet materialsDie-cast aluminum
Maintenance WayMagnetically Front  service without screws
Brightness:600-900CD/㎡ (ajustable)
Average Power Consumption:150w/㎡
Maximum  Power Consumption:<600w/㎡
Viewing Angle:H140°/V140°
Refresh Rate:Hight refresh rate >3840hz
Grey Scale:14-16bit
Input power100-120V /200-240V
Operating Environment Temperature:-20~50 ℃

Screen function

The screen itself has the characteristics of high definition, high resolution, high brightness, etc. The specially designed power supply line and signal transmission line have high reliability, long life and other functions.

The video control system is composed of a processor with video splicing and segmentation functions. It can complete the segmentation of small pictures of any size on the large screen, so that each picture area can display the content on different signal lines. This is suitable for multi-site monitoring, video conferencing and other applications. More handy.
The large screen can be switched arbitrarily among the following three display modes. Each of these combinations has its own characteristics and can be flexibly applied:

  1. Point-to-point splicing into a standard resolution TV screen, 3840×1344P
  2. The entire screen can be divided into N windows arbitrarily to meet the function of the monitoring center with multiple signals on the screen at the same time;
  3. One video can be played on the entire screen;
  4. Divide the entire screen into three equal screens on the left, middle and right, which can play different video program sources;
  5. Divide the entire screen into three screens ranging from left, middle and right. The middle screen can be used for close-ups and zooming in on a certain screen.
  6. The LED splicing screen display size is equal to W5.76mm×H1920mm=11.06㎡. The LED large screen should be able to display one 3840*1344P standard picture in the horizontal direction; the LED large screen should also be able to complete multiple standard definition video pictures at the same time, and can Switch the screen at any time, and you can zoom in, out, pan, etc. on a certain screen at any time.

Product introduction

LED high-definition panel TV is the world’s leading LED high-definition digital display technology, integrating high-density LED integration technology, multi-screen splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, network technology, etc. The entire system has high stability, high brightness, and high A large-screen display system with high resolution, high definition, highly intelligent control and advanced operating methods can be integrated with subsystems such as monitoring systems, command and dispatch systems, and network communication systems to form a set of information display and display systems with complete functions and advanced technology. Management control platform. The hardware and software design of the entire system have fully taken into account the security, reliability, maintainability and scalability of the system, and the storage and processing capabilities meet the requirements for long-term expansion.

The large screen is made up of unit boards. Each unit board is regularly covered with LED particles. These particles can emit light and are the basic pixels for displaying images. The clarity of an image depends on the number of pixels. The amount is usually expressed by the number of pixels per square meter. The 1.25mm pitch screen of this project has a pixel density of 639,999 dots per square meter, which is enough to display high-definition video with more outstanding effects.

The smallest unit of the product is 320mm640mm62mm (5KG), with a thickness of 75mm. The unit structure adopts a CNC die-cast aluminum unit box structure. It has the advantages of light weight, high precision, fast heat dissipation, beautiful appearance, and easy installation.

The smallest unit box for the whole screen splicing is formed by CNC processing, with a size accurate to 0.01mm. The assembly accuracy is 0.1mm, achieving truly seamless splicing. The unit box material is made of full die-cast aluminum, and the structure is divided into a front cavity, a heat shield, and a heat dissipation film. It is composed of four main bodies, rear cavity and rear cavity. The module is embedded in the front cavity and the heat is discharged directly from the front. The power supply is installed on the heat shield and covered with heat dissipation film. The heat dissipation of the low power supply itself is absorbed and introduced through the aluminum material. The rear cavity is discharged directly, and 4 links are used to heat the screen body to improve stability and extend life.

The module and the cabinet are connected by die-cast aluminum to achieve quick maintenance. The fanless design reduces the noise of the screen. The sound of the screen during normal operation does not exceed 40DB; it will not affect the work and viewing effects.

Lightweight and ultra-thin front maintenance, can be disassembled and installed from the front, module front maintenance, aluminum box design, light and ultra-thin, easy to install and disassemble. The box can be disassembled and maintained after the whole screen is assembled, and supports hot swapping of unit modules. . The signal adopts hot backup, which does not increase the cost and ensures safety and stability. The power supply adopts automatic switching function. The two core components of the LED display adopt safe construction to ensure that the screen body works normally without any loss.

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