COB Vs. GOB LED Display:How Much Does GOB LED Screen Cost?

gob LED display

As more and more people are looking for better visual displays, some of the traditional SMD technologies just aren’t cutting it anymore. Some manufacturers have switched to COB and other new technologies, while others have upgraded the SMD technology, like GOB, which is an SMD encapsulation process that’s been improved with iterative technology. If you […]

P3 vs P4 vs P5 LED Display: What Are the Differences?

P3 LED Display

When choosing an LED display, Do you know what are the differences between P3, P4, and P5 LED Display. This guide will help you understand these differences and how to select the right LED display for your needs. What are P3, P4, and P5 LED Displays? The main difference between P3, P4, and P5 LED […]

Below P1.0 LED Display-COB VS. SMD Vs. IMD LED Display:Which Is Better?

indoor LED display

As people’s requirements for the display effect are more and more high-definition, “5G + 8K ultra-high definition” continues to develop, in the LED display industry, small-pitch LED display has also begun to break through the upper limit of the ultra-high-definition display, small pitch LED display and even micro-pitch LED display has become an inevitable trend […]

MIP Vs. COB LED Display: Which is Preferred?

Indoor Fine pitch LED video walls

Mini/Micro LED display era has arrived, but to realize the popularity of micro-pitch display, yield and cost control is the key to scale mass production. The best way to meet the yield and cost optimization at the same time is to start from the packaging process. In the case of COB LED technology has occupied […]

Airport LED display screen manufacturer-Sightled

indoor LED display

Airports are bustling hubs where people from diverse nationalities depart and arrive at various times of the day. These large buildings house a wide range of facilities, including check-in areas, waiting areas, clearance gates, washrooms, baggage reclaim areas, restaurants, and retail stores. Given their size and complexity, it’s not uncommon for passengers to feel lost […]

The Importance and Functionality of Commercial LED Displays in Shopping Malls

round shaped led video display screen

Introduction Shopping malls serve as a hub for entertainment, consumption, dining, and leisure, attracting dense crowds and becoming a central part of modern urban communities. With their ability to draw large numbers of people, shopping malls have become prime locations for advertising. Among the various advertising tools, the 3D LED display stands out for its […]

360° creative display – column LED display & pillar LED screen

Sports LED Wall,fixed LED displays

What is Column LED Display Column LED Display, or “column LED display”, refers to a special LED display device. Its design feature is to arrange LED pixels in vertical columns to form the overall display area of the display. This kind of display usually has a high vertical resolution and is suitable for displaying text, […]

P2.5mm indoor Right Angle LED Display 90 degree project

Indoor Fixed Led Screen supplier

The Spain customer’s choice of purchasing 1000 indoor P2.5 LED modules(Rental led display SL-B series)and successfully transforming them into right-angle column screens is a testament to the high quality and reliability of our products. The display effect achieved is remarkable, and the size of each LED screen, 1.12×5.12 meters, is impressive. P2.5 Rental led display […]

What are the advantages of small-pitch LED displays?

church video wall,led screens

With the advent of the LED era, China has become the world’s largest manufacturing and production base for the LED industry. This has provided unique advantages for the rapid development of the domestic LED industry. Small-pitch LED displays have seemed to have been hacked since their birth. The youthfulness of the past has faded away. […]

Sightled indoor full-color P1.25 small-pitch LED display application

The P1.25 small-pitch LED display is a high-definition, high-density LED display with a pixel pitch of 1.25mm. It has the characteristics of high definition, high refresh rate, high contrast, and high color reproduction. Due to the smaller pixel pitch, the P1.25 small-pitch LED display can present a more delicate and realistic image effect, and is […]

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